Carl Forbes Jr.
Carl Forbes Jr.President
2022-2024 MBBA President
Principal – CFJ Law PLLC
Nicole Lester Arrindell
Nicole Lester ArrindellPresident-Elect
2022-2024 MBBA President-Elect
Senior Director & Government Relations Counsel – Equitable
Justina K. Rivera
Justina K. RiveraVice President of External Affairs
2022-2024 MBBA Vice President of External Affairs
General Counsel, New York City Office of the Comptroller
Jennifer V. Abelaj
Jennifer V. AbelajGeneral Counsel
2022-2024 MBBA General Counsel
Principal – Jennifer V. Abelaj Law Firm
Evette C. Ennis
Evette C. EnnisVice President of Programs
2022-2024 MBBA Vice President of Programs
Founder – Ennis Law Group, P.C.
Paula Edgar
Paula EdgarTreasurer
2022-2024 MBBA Treasurer
Past President (2016-2018)
CEO, PGE Consulting LLC
Esther B. Cajuste
Esther B. CajusteSecretary
Principal Law Clerk – NYS Unified Court System


Bisha Nurse
Bisha NurseDirector
Director – Class of 2024
Legal Director, Global Employment, Compensation and Benefits at MongoDB
Lola Oguntunde-Waterman
Lola Oguntunde-WatermanDirector
Director – Class of 2024
Principal Law Clerk to a Supreme Court Justice
Monsurat M. Adebanjo
Monsurat M. AdebanjoDirector
Director – Class of 2025
Assistant District Attorney – Suffolk County Law Department
Tanya N. Blocker
Tanya N. BlockerDirector
Director – Class of 2025
Assistant General Counsel – National Grid
Jennifer L. Taiwo
Jennifer L. TaiwoDirector
Director – Class of 2025
Senior Counsel, Compliance and Privacy – AMC Networks
Jomaire Crawford
Jomaire CrawfordDirector
Director – Class of 2025
Partner – Quinn Emmanuel LLP
The Hon. Claudia Daniels-DePayster
The Hon. Claudia Daniels-DePaysterDirector
Director – Class of 2025
Judge, Criminal County, Kings Court
Luwick Francois
Luwick FrancoisDirector
Director – Class of 2025
Senior Attorney – NYS Division of Human Rights
Phillip C. Hamilton
Phillip C. HamiltonDirector
Director – Class of 2025
Managing Partner – Hamilton Clarke, LLP
Kersuze Morancy
Kersuze MorancyDirector
Director – Class of 2025
Appellate Attorney and Director of CP Legal Research Group at Counsel Press
Jenesha Tai
Jenesha TaiDirector
Director – Class of 2025
Assistant District Attorney, Bronx District Attorney’s Office
Hon. Inga O’Neale
Hon. Inga O’NealeDirector
Director – Class of 2026
Judge, NYS Unified Court System
Casilda E. Simpson
Casilda E. SimpsonDirector
Director – Class of 2026