So you want to submit an article? We would love to have you.

The MBBA welcomes all of its current members to participate in the LEAP Journal by submitting an article that covers topics relevant to the Black legal professional.  Our readers vary from judges, lawyers, paralegals, law students as well as anyone engaged within the legal profession.

Publishing Guidelines

  • Law related and/or relevant to the legal profession.

  • Previously unpublished article in English

  • Align with the mission of the journal





  • No more than 1000 words (exclusive of title, credits, captions and author’s biography)

  • Footnotes and citations are not welcomed but not required.

Article Submissions

Views, facts and opinions expressed within any of the articles published are those of the individual authors, writing in their individual capacity and not that of their employer or of the MBBA. The content of this journal is provided “as is” and no representations are made that the content is error free.

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